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NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said on Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has Democrats worried. He said that it’s more of the familiar Clinton drama, and that her “penchant for secrecy” will harm her expected presidential campaign:

And some Democrats are publicly and privately wringing their hands about the familiar drama. An often contentious relationship with the press forged in the 1992 campaign. Lines of attack, powered by a familiar cast of characters: A habit of providing the bare minimum, even to defenders, and a penchant for secrecy.

Those familiar characters include Clinton lapdogs Lanny Davis and James Carville, who have fiercely defended Hillary’s actions with regard to her email account. They’ve said that she did nothing illegal and that there is no scandal here, despite the growing evidence that she knew she wasn’t in compliance with government regulations.

Yet if Clinton is indeed as innocent as they claim, then why did it take so long for her to respond once the story broke? And why won’t she let an independent third party inspect the private server she used for email while she was Secretary of State?

The media, to their credit, are keeping this story going while the excuses mount from the Clinton camp, much to the consternation of liberal Democrats. They are watching their carefully laid plans to crown Hillary as their nominee, and the next president, crumble before their eyes.

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