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Brian Williams may have been banished to purgatory (MSNBC), but his former NBC colleague Chuck Todd stood behind him and praised NBC’s handling of the situation during an appearance Friday on the Michael Smerconish Show.

Todd told Smerconish that he was proud that NBC “took issues of credibility and integrity seriously, but, made Brian pay a heavy price.”

“And I’m also glad to work for a company that provides an opportunity to earn back trust and earn back a second chance.” Todd added that he was a “do unto others as you want done unto you” type of person.

Smerconish then asked Todd about the Today show interview with Matt Lauer in which Williams gave a convoluted apology. Smerconish wondered if Todd thought Williams lied because he felt the need to be funny when he appeared on Letterman and other similar programs?

Todd said that he couldn’t get inside Williams’ head, but that he thought he had been “shockingly honest” when talking to Lauer.

Needless to say, Todd is way off base on his assessment of the situation. NBC has sullied its reputation with it’s decision to keep Williams in the NBC family by shifting him to their little-watched cable news network, while allowing him to cover breaking news. They could have just swallowed hard and eaten his contract to demonstrate that they don’t tolerate lying in their news division.

As for Williams being “shockingly honest,” his interview was anything but, as he gave a weak and convoluted apology for his actions. He blamed it on his ego, rather than just admitting that he repeatedly lied and that he was sorry for doing so.

Todd had a golden opportunity to show his commitment to honesty and integrity in news reporting, but blew it in typical liberal media fashion.


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