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On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd tried and failed to pin the blame for the violence in various cities on President Donald Trump in an interview with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Todd wanted to know why Trump attacked Joe Biden during his Republican National Convention speech for the violence when he, not Biden is the president.

“Mr. Meadows, this is in Donald Trump’s America. How much responsibility should voters be giving the president for his inability to, to keep the streets safe?”

Meadows responded by reminding Todd that the Trump administration has repeatedly offered to send federal law enforcement officers to Portland and Kenosha to help quell the violence but have been turned down by their mayors, mentioning how this is taking place in “Democrat cities.”

“You want to talk about Donald Trump’s America? Most of Donald Trump’s America is peaceful. It is a Democrat-led city in Portland that we’re talking about this morning, who just yesterday denied help once again from the federal government. And so listen, we need to get to the bottom of this. We need to make sure that we hold people accountable. And, ultimately, we need to make sure that these people that are conducting these acts go to jail.”

Todd followed up by asking Meadows whether Trump is selectively governing by calling out “Democrat cities” for violence.

“Are there parts of the country that the president doesn’t govern?” Todd asked. “Is the president only in charge of places where he has supporters?…Does the president not believe he has responsibility of governing and leading the entire country?”

“Chuck, you’re smarter than that,” Meadows replied. “When we look at that as we look in Portland, it’s not Donald Trump’s DA that’s saying to stand down, it’s not Donald Trump that is saying that we need to look the other way, it’s the mayor of Portland. So let’s at least have a true version of what’s happening in these cities.”

To date, the cities where some of the worst violence has broken out since the death of George Floyd–Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, and Kenosha are all run by Democrat mayors. In many cases, as Meadows stated the administration has offered to send in federal officers and have been turned down, choosing to use local law enforcement instead while at the same time allowing the destruction and looting of businesses who have suffered millions of dollars in losses.

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