Accuracy in Media

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd bucked the media tide Friday when he agreed with President Trump’s comments calling MS-13 gang members “animals.”

Todd made his comments on the Bernie & Sid Show on New York’s WABC Radio.

“A lot of people have called violent anybody animals,” Todd said. “Anybody who is a violent criminal in my book can get called an animal. They’re mugging, killing and raping people. I don’t care where they are from.”

Todd criticized the media for coverage of Trump’s “animals” remarks, saying it could help the president by making it look like they’re “piling on” and reinforcing the fake news narrative.

“This is where I think that my colleagues do us all harm,” Todd said. “You know, cover this legitimately. There is plenty of legitimate stuff to ding him on if you think he deserves to be dinged on. Just be careful, don’t be sloppy about it.”

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