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After his speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday, in which he said that the Democrats failed the middle class by supporting Obamacare—which focused on the “wrong problem”—Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) then blasted the media for being too “negative” and “sensationalistic.”

According to Politico, Schumer blamed the media for creating a cynical midterm narrative that highlighted the government’s failures, and not its successes:

‘You can’t prevent things happening in the world from changing quickly. Nor frankly, no offense to anyone in this room, can you prevent the press from focusing on the negative in a sensationalistic way,’ Schumer told a roomful of reporters. ‘Look at the Ebola stories the [first] few days after it happened. The average American watching it said: ‘I’m going to get Ebola.’ I had calls from people: ‘I shouldn’t go on an airplane, I shouldn’t go on a subway.’ That didn’t come from nowhere.”

So, in addition to the Democrats’ failure to focus on the economy, the liberal media were also a contributing factor to the Democrats’ poor showing in the midterm elections, according to Schumer.

That probably came as a surprise to the members of the mainstream media in attendance, since the last thing they wanted to see was the Republicans taking control of the Senate, and adding to their majority in the House.

But they made a good scapegoat for Schumer, who, although he was correct in listing some of the Democrats’ failures, didn’t mention the person who was truly responsible for the midterm drubbing—President Obama.

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