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Christiane Amanpour May Be Headed Back to CNN

The New York Post [1] is reporting that This Week host Christiane Amanpour isn’t getting along with her superiors at ABC News and has reached out to her former employer CNN about a possible return to the network.

Sources told the Post that Amanpour was “miserable” with her anchor role and wants to return  to reporting on international affairs.

She has also reportedly butted heads with executive producer Rick Kaplan and ABC News president Ben Sherwood over the direction of the show.

An ABC rep told the Post that the rumor was nonsense and that  Amanpour was very happy with ABC News and that she wasn’t going anywhere.

But this rumor doesn’t really seem that far-fetched when you consider that  This Week is really a domestic policy and politics show which is something that Amanpour has shown that she isn’t as capable of discussing as international affairs.

Amanpour’s international experience has probably been a plus for ABC this year with all the turmoil overseas in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya etc… but it hasn’t translated into higher ratings  This Week is still mired in third place, well behind Meet the Press and Face the Nation.

Despite ABC’s “happy face” response Amanpour’s days at the network look to be drawing to a close.