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DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz struggled yesterday to explain why President Obama shouldn’t be held responsible for people losing their jobs at Solyndra while Mitt Romney should for job losses at companies Bain Capital invested in while he was CEO.

Wallace: Is the president responsible for laying off the people at Solyndra?

Wasserman-Schultz: No, because the president wasn’t the CEO of Solyndra. The—Bain—

Wallace: Well, Romney wasn’t the CEO of these companies either.

Wasserman-Schultz: No, Romney—

Wallace: The president was—excuse me—the president was a venture capitalist. He put taxpayer money into Solyndra and a thousand people lost their jobs. So is the president responsible for the thousand people who lost their jobs at Solyndra?

Wasserman-Schultz: Not even close. But Mitt Romney is responsible for being CEO of companies that he took over, that he dismantled—

Wallace: He wasn’t the CEO, he put money into them.

Wasserman-Schultz: No, no, no. He was the CEO of Bain. Bain bought these companies, took them over—

Wallace: Well the president’s the CEO of the country.

Wasserman-Schultz: But he’s not the CEO of Solyndra. That’s a total apples and—

Wallace: And Romney wasn’t the CEO of Ampad or these other companies.

Wasserman-Schultz: But Bain Capital owned those companies. He made the decisions—

Wallace: So you’re saying the president has no responsibility for what happened at Solyndra?

Wasserman-Schultz: What I’m saying is that Mitt Romney as CEO—

Wallace: I’m asking about the president.

Wasserman-Schultz: No. Mitt Rom—the president—

Wallace: Has no responsibility for Solyndra.

Wasserman-Schultz: The president has responsibility for the green jobs program where he made investments, but—

Wallace: And how about the company, Solyndra, that went bankrupt?

Wasserman-Schultz: But the decisions that were made at Solyndra that ultimately led to their bankruptcy were those of the people who work for Solyndra. Mitt Romney—Chris, let me answer your question, please—

Wallace: Well, I think you did answer the question.

Wasserman-Schultz: Mitt—Mitt Romney had—it’s total apple-oranges comparison. Mitt Romney—

It’s not apples and oranges. It’s a typical Democrat double standard: Romney doesn’t have to be the actual CEO at companies Bain Capital invested in to be held responsible for any layoffs or closures at those companies, yet Obama, as U.S. President, gets a pass from being held accountable for the layoffs at taxpayer-subsidized Solyndra.

Wasserman- Schultz  answered Wallace’s question all right. Now the question is, how long will it take the Democrats to recover from her answer.

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