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MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews blames the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for the problems that are plaguing the Hillary Clinton campaign. He made his comments while appearing on Live with Thomas Roberts on Tuesday.

Matthews was upset at a question asked by a Bernie Sanders supporter at CNN’s Democratic presidential primary town hall in Iowa, who told Clinton that many people his age have told him they think that Hillary is dishonest. Matthews then said:

Talk about bad manners…That’s pretty nervy for a young person to say that to a major figure in American life like that kid did. Hillary, what’s she going to say? I’m not dishonest? She has to go back to the motives of those who have raised the questions about her honesty, which is unfortunately for her, very much like when she said back during the Monica days, when she said there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get me. But in fact, there is.

This is the weirdness about politics. It can be that you can also have a problem, but your enemies are going to blow it up out of proportion. That’s for sure.

It almost seems like Matthews was lumping the young Sanders supporter in with the “vast right-wing conspiracy” people, which is laughable.

The dishonesty question was legitimate. Polls have shown that voters don’t trust Hillary, and the more she stonewalls on Benghazi and her private email server scandal, the worse it gets.

That has Democrats like Matthews worried that even if Clinton manages to win the Democratic nomination, she could lose the election because she hasn’t been completely honest with them. Not even close.

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