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chris matthews on VA scandal

On Wednesday night Hardball host Chris Matthews admitted that the VA scandal that is embroiling the Obama administration is real, but added that Benghazi, the IRS and Fast and Furious are phony scandals trumped up by Republicans:

There are scandals, and there are scandals. Whitewater the big noise in the Clinton administration turned out to be a dud. As Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland California, not that there was anything nice in what she said—‘When I got there, there wasn’t a there there.’ The same may be true of Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious—that nasty bouquet of conversation pieces the Republicans like to present to the American public whenever they approach a live microphone. The same is most certainly not true of the fairly named VA scandal.

Maybe Whitewater didn’t result in any convictions of the Clintons, but for the 15 people that were convicted—many of them close friends of the Clintons—they would probably beg to differ.

While Matthews is critical of  the Obama administration over the VA scandal—and called for Obama to accept responsibility like Harry Truman—his insistence that the other scandals are really not scandals, but a “nasty bouquet” served up by the GOP, serves as a reminder that Matthews is a shill for the Democratic Party, and not a journalist, by any measure.

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