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Devoted Hillary Clinton supporter Chris Matthews was livid last night at the GOP for daring to have the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith speak at the Republican National Convention and “lie” about Hillary Clinton, when they could have done so many more positive things.

Patricia Smith, the mother of information management officer Sean Smith who was killed during the attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, gave a no-holds-barred speech that firmly laid the blame for her son’s death on Hillary Clinton.

“For all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the cynicism, the tragedy in Benghazi has wrought upon America, I blame Hillary Clinton,” Smith said. “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”

Matthews was incensed that the GOP would revive the Benghazi issue with such a direct attack on his gal Hillary, instead of focusing on more uplifting themes:

“I don’t understand why the Republicans would choose to put this on prime-time television when they have such wonderful stories of American heroism to speak to the American people. I think it was wrong. I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother, has felt. Her emotions are her own. But for the country in choosing a leader, it’s wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton. It’s not true. It’s logically not true. It’s manifestly not true, she had anything to do in that case even if all the arguments of what she said afterwards, or Susan Rice said afterwards on Meet the Press are true. And anybody who thinks about it for a second knows it’s not true. And I think it’s wrong that they ruined their evening with this.”

I guess that in Matthews’ mind the deaths of Smith—along with those of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty—don’t qualify as heroism. He would rather perpetuate the lie that then-Secretary of State Clinton wasn’t culpable in the deaths of these brave men, despite evidence to the contrary, so as not to endanger her chances of winning the presidency in November.


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