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chris matthews clinton documentary

Hillary Clinton’s yet to be announced 2016 presidential run has apparently killed a movie about her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency by famed Hollywood director Martin Scorsese over demands that Bill has made about who has the final say on the film.

The demands, which were reported by The New York Times late last week, are so ludicrous that even the hosts at ultra-liberal MSNBC couldn’t support them—including Chris Matthews—who said:

Anyway here’s my theory. The former president, who’s very smart but very audacious sometimes, he was afraid of screwing up in a way that might hurt his wife’s campaign.

The last thing Bill wants to do is make Hillary mad.

Matthews went on to say that it wasn’t about Bill Clinton’s image, but about control. And after the year that Hillary has just had, controlling the message will be crucial if she is to be a viable candidate in 2016.

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