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Chris Matthews: Obamacare Working in States Where GOP isn’t “Viciously” Trying to Sabotage It [Video]

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Chris Matthews, who has danced around the failure of Obamacare, said on Tuesday that the law is working in some states, despite Republican efforts to  “viciously”  sabotage it:

For all the negative coverage of the health care rollout, you’d think it’d been a disaster from coast to coast. But there are more than a few health care success stories out there emerging, by the way, in states around the country, where Republicans, or at least vicious Republicans, aren’t actively working to sabotage the law.

Matthews went on to cite news reports that showed that in five states enrollment is meeting or exceeding targets, and credited that success to people being able to use a state exchange (instead of a federal one), expansion of Medicaid, and most importantly, Democratic governors who weren’t trying to block the law.

While it’s true that the exchanges in the five states Matthews mentioned—California, Minnesota, Washington, Kentucky and Connecticut—appear to be functioning properly, Matthews managed to leave out other states with Democratic governors that weren’t doing so well. Those include Maryland, which has been beset by technical problems, and Oregon, which hasn’t even launched its site for similar reasons.

If there is anyone responsible for sabotaging the rollout of Obamacare, it’s the Obama administration, which ignored warnings six months ahead of its planned launch in October that the site was experiencing problems and could fail.

Matthews knows that, but he has never been one to let facts get in the way of  his efforts to blame the Republicans for everything that has gone wrong for Obama since he has been President.