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On Tuesday night, during MSNBC’s election coverage, Chris Matthews predicted that  President Obama would lose the South because of what he considered to be Mitt Romney’s racially charged campaign, and he wasn’t sure that Virginia was Southern enough to swing Romney’s way.

I’ve watched the appeals made by people on the Republican side –- the right-wing side, in some cases -– people like, sort of, screwball people making comments about race. I really think you’re going to see at the end of the night, when we look at the popular vote, when we look at how it’s broken out by region, the president will do well in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West. He’s going to do very poorly in the South among white voters.

In other words, according to Matthews, white voters in the South aren’t voting against Obama because of the poor job he has done over the last four years, but because they, like the Republican Party, are racists.

Matthews then added his thoughts on Virginia:

Virginia is somewhere in the middle, but it does have real Southerners there too! There’s been a real, I think, bad appeal made around the edges of the Romney campaign on race in this campaign. I do think it’s been more effective in the South than in the North.

So Virginia isn’t really a southern state? I guess the Mason Dixon line doesn’t matter.

Matthews may have spent a lot of time accusing Romney and the Republican Party of running a racially tinged campaign, with scant evidence to back up his claims, but the main ones who really played the race card, by falsely accusing others of racism, were none other than Matthews and his colleagues at MSNBC.

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