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Tuesday night on MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews showed his disdain for the new Obama campaign ad featuring Sesame Street character Big Bird, calling it “Mickey Mouse.”

You would think the Obama campaign would want to start looking forward toward the V.P. debate and the two remaining presidential debates. Today, the Obama camp released this ad, again going back to Romney’s line in the debate about Big Bird. This, I think is Mickey Mouse, but let’s take a look.

After playing the ad, Matthews then begged his guests, Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, to be “independent minded” for a moment and tell him whether or not focusing on Big Bird was the right way to go in the last crucial month before the election.

Shrum also panned the ad, noting that it’s not being run in battleground states and seems to be aimed more at the media than at voters. We need to be talking about who is going to save Medicare, not who is going to save Big Bird,” Shrum concluded.

Matthews said that there is a way to use sarcasm to make fun of the other side, but this ad didn’t do that.

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