Accuracy in Media

On Friday Chris Matthews said what few in the mainstream media have been willing to say when he admitted that the national media “leans a little to the left.”

Matthews was discussing Romney’s campaign strategy in Iowa and New Hampshire with John Heilemann of New York Magazine, as well as an MSNBC political analyst, when he made his revealing statement:

Heilemann: I think if he’s raised the bar, he’s going to raise the bar very high for himself. It’s going to be very hard to lower expectations the way they think they can.

Matthews: And that’s what we call a dynamic. He goes in there and says, “I’m running, I can win,” and because we know he doesn’t take chances, the national media, which leans a little to the left I could argue, could smash him.

Matthews’ admission will probably startle many of his colleagues in the media, but actually it was understated as the mainstream media certainly lean more than a little to the left. MSNBC’s primetime programming is just one example of the left-wing leanings of the media.

Now if we could only get others in the media to admit as much we might make some progress towards a more fair and balanced media landscape, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Matthews’ admission starts just before the four minute mark.

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