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At the end of a segment on Tuesday, blasting Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus for threatening to cut off access to NBC and CNN to the 2016 Republican primaries if they don’t drop their Hillary Clinton films, Hardball host Chris Matthews noted that MSNBC isn’t biased towards Obama since the President has never appeared on the network:

By the way, those who talk about the tight relationship between MSNBC and Barack Obama, for example, count the number of times he’s been on this network. Zero.

By that reasoning, Obama’s interviews with Brett Baier and Bill O’Reilly would make Fox News pro-Obama, which not even Matthews would say is true.

Matthews should have just left it there, as ridiculous as it was, but then he wrapped up the segment by saying that he, MSNBC and Obama all agree with each other, blowing up his entire argument about not favoring the President:

…He agrees with us and we agree with him, sometimes. But I actually have my views and they tend to coincide with him.

They don’t just coincide with Matthews—they send a thrill up his leg.

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