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chris matthews up late w alec baldwin

Chris Matthews was a guest on Up Late last Friday on MSNBC, and told host Alec Baldwin that his show, Hardball, is “fact driven.” He said that since they don’t have a corrections page, “if we get a fact wrong, we are being dishonest and incompetent:”

Every show is different. All our producers know our job is — is — heat seeking. I admit it. Go for the heat. Fact driven. Do both. Go for the heat. You can’t make it boring. It’s got to be driven by facts. We don’t have a correction page like the New York Times. If we get a fact wrong, we are being dishonest and incompetent.

One such instance of heat seeking by Matthews was on May 31 last year, when he claimed that a requirement in the 2011 Florida voter registration law made it impossible for third-party groups who register voters on a Friday afternoon to turn in completed registrations to the election office within the 48-hour time frame, since the office was closed on weekends.

But according to Politifact, Matthews was wrong, as the law made it clear that if the appropriate office is closed for the 48-hour period, they can be turned in on the next business day.

That means Monday, Chris.

Matthews claims that he is “fact driven,” but if the facts are inconvenient, as they have been in the disastrous Obamacare website rollout, then he either twists them to fit his narrative or ignores them altogether, so he can blame Republicans for what is clearly the fault of the Obama administration.

Does that make him dishonest and incompetent? Most definitely.

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