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Chris Matthews: “I Think a lot of Conservative Things Make Sense” [Video]

chris matthews hardball [1]

Liberal Hardball host Chris Matthews sent shudders through MSNBC on Monday night when he told Republican strategist John Brabender that he thought “a lot of conservative things make sense.”

Matthews and Brabender were discussing why some conservatives were still talking about impeaching the President, when Brabender asked Matthews if he would outlaw conservatism:

Matthews: In fact, I think a lot of conservative things make sense. So I think a conservative…

Brabender: Which makes sense?

Matthews : Oh, I think enforcing the law.

Brabender: So liberals don’t believe in enforcing the law? That’s a conservative thing only?

Matthews: Don’t force me into corners here. I think the issue is great…I think he’s [Obama] taken a very conservative position on immigration. Now let’s get back to Cynthia because she knows I’ve been taking a pretty conservative position on that.

While enforcing the law and securing the border are conservative positions, Matthews also said that he wanted legalization of “all those people,” meaning illegal immigrants, which is not a conservative position, no matter what he says.