Accuracy in Media

Chris Matthews, who was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, used his nightly editorial to gush over her achievements now that she has secured the Democratic presidential nomination:

Let me finish tonight with something that never got said last night. A night history was made. What was missing was a recognition and salute of what Secretary Clinton herself accomplished in this historic struggle.

Look at her life and career and you see those achievements, those tests she faced, tests she chose and tests she passed.

She went down to Arkansas, became First Lady down there, learned the politics of the Southern state, left to become First Lady of the United States. And for many women, women we look up to, that alone would have made her a figure of history, a figure of great and worldwide admiration. And then she pushed hard for healthcare reform. And then she withstood the terrors and personal anguish of her husband’s troubles of 1998. And then she had the raw courage to run for Senate from New York knowing full well that there were millions of her critics out there waiting to enjoy, even relish her defeat. She ran, she had the courage to run and won. And then she served with great success as Senator from New York, was reelected to second term, ran for president the first time, almost won and grandly accepted defeat.

She did it with class. She did it in a way that advanced her party, its presidential candidate, Barack Obama and finding her own legacy. Appointed Secretary of State she did the job impressively. She then once again threw herself into the breach, running for president a second time, defeating a strong challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

So let’s not forget any of this. From the time she was a senior at Wellesley, Hillary Rodham, now Hillary Clinton has been a leader with guts, with energy and purpose, and incredible resilience. And she didn’t get to where she is right now by any other way.

Matthews conveniently glossed over Bill Clinton’s infidelities and impeachment, and how Hillary’s push for healthcare reform was an utter disaster. He completely ignored the scandals with the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi and her private email server, which the State Department Inspector General found to have violated the Federal Records Act. He also failed to mention that despite being the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, she is widely viewed as dishonest and untrustworthy by voters, and will face a tough challenge in getting Sanders supporters to vote for her in November.

If Matthews has his way this will become the liberal media’s new narrative—that Hillary deserves to become the first woman president in U.S. history because of her supposed accomplishments, while sweeping her failures and scandals under the rug.

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