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Matthews2MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took the opportunity of President Obama’s second inauguration to state that the only hope that Republicans have in winning future elections is to use voter ID laws to “rig” them.

Matthews was concerned that Republicans would use the voter ID laws to depress the minority vote and “break up the block” in states like Pennsylvania and Illinois, which are normally solid Democratic presidential states.

If states like Pennsylvania  ever get controlled by Republican legislators, if they’re able to do that, that is frightening.

Memo to Chris—Pennsylvania’s legislature is controlled by Republicans.

Matthews then went a step further by saying that the GOP is so desperate, they are willing to rig elections in order to win.

There’s so much willingness to rig the elections by the Republicans. They know they’re heading into demographic trouble. They know they’re going to be a minority in this country. It’s almost like Lebanon — we’ve got to fake the census now, y’know?

Of course Matthews has no real proof that Republicans are willing to rig elections in order to win. But just the fact that Republicans support voter ID laws is all the proof he needs to make his spurious charge.

Matthews harped on the voter ID suppression theme throughout the campaign last year, accusing the GOP of suppressing the vote with the passage of these laws despite evidence that they improve the integrity of the voting process in the long run.

If there is any election rigging going on, it’s being done by liberals and Democrats who have shown little or no interest in cleaning up the voter rolls, while feigning interest in honest and fair elections.

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