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chris matthews on wagners now show

MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews, who declared early on that he was supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, admitted on Friday that the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, as well as the questions surrounding her involvement in the attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, could be problematic for the former Secretary of State.

Matthews appeared on NOW with Alex Wagner on Friday:

MATTHEWS: The Clintons. You know, you have to wonder. The Clintons had two goals: the success of of the CGI, which has been more than wonderful what it’s accomplished. But they’re also running for president. Again. And this is a hook for the other side.

And I’d say a legitimate hook by the way. And what do you say about the New York Times’ take on this? Not just the Journal, but the Times and the Washington Post, they’re going to get some editorial hit on this.

WAGNER: Well, and they’re obviously trying to get ahead of the story. The most recent round of disclosures was leaked by, revealed by the Clinton camp. They feel like they need to get ahead of this story. The question is …

MATTHEWS: Everybody is, people are saying they’re getting it out early but it’s still a bad story.

WAGNER: That’s right.

MATTHEWS: Benghazi got out early too. and Benghazi ain’t going away. … I don’t know how Hillary gets off this Benghazi unless she shows a video tape of her from the time when they got the first word of danger over there, working the phones, I want to know, just a minute, she almost has to account for every second from the time that was trouble out there on the facility, to the absolute word that he was dead, that they were dead, that it was over.

If she was working the phones, fighting that thing with everything she had, throwing everything she could at it, she’s covered. If not, they’re just going to keep hanging on these things.

While Matthews isn’t ready to abandon Hillary, he does seem concerned that these issues could derail her path to the presidency, which until recently seemed like a sure thing to Democrats.

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