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Chris Matthews, hardly a friend of conservatives or Republicans, continued to hit the Obama administration hard over the prisoner swap that sent back five top Taliban prisoners from Gitmo for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Matthews was particularly enraged that the White House was suggesting that Bergdahl was being “Swift Boated” by his fellow soldiers, which was first reported by NBC’s Chuck Todd. Matthews interrupted Todd:

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! The Swift Boating of John Kerry was a dishonest PR campaign. No, no, Swift Boating is totally misused here. Swift Boating is when you make up stories, you misconstrue the evidence—You don’t like the way John Kerry opposed the Vietnam war after he got back and turned it into an attack on his service over there. Totally dishonest. These are questions raised about a guy who left his post, wrote letters, sent signals that he was leaving his post as a matter of principle—he didn’t believe in the war effort. We don’t know what’s worse here but where’s the dishonesty in the portrayal of Bergdahl so far? I haven’t seen it. What’s been misconstrued about him so far?

The answer to that question is “nothing,” and that is the White House’s problem. They approved a deal without Congressional approval, as required by law, oblivious to Bergdahl’s actions and statements that called into question his loyalty to the U.S. Now they have a hot mess on their hands that they are trying to explain away as some type of right-wing smear campaign, instead of honestly admitting that they made a colossal mistake.

But, as we know, honesty and transparency have not exactly been the hallmark of the Obama administration.



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