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Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews referred to himself as a centrist, which will probably come as quite a shock to his liberal friends and his bosses at MSNBC.

Matthews made the reference during a discussion of the Keystone XL pipeline and the President’s energy tour, where he touted the southern end of the pipeline despite having rejected the building of the northern section.

Matthews:  To be halfway for something endangers you and makes you enemies on both sides. Take it from a centrist, I know what it’s like.

He does, does he?

What this looks like to me is an attempt by Matthews to paint not just himself as a centrist, but more importantly to make it appear that the President is a centrist and not the liberal that he really is.

Neither Matthews nor Obama can hide their liberal pasts, nor have they done anything recently that would betray their liberal backgrounds and beliefs.

But in a year when Obama is facing the prospect of losing the election in the fall, he needs all the help he can get and who better than the man who once declared that he felt a thrill up his leg after hearing Obama speak?

Matthews may want to rebrand Obama, but the public already knows where he stands politically and there isn’t much Matthews can do about that.

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