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Chris Matthews wasted no time Wednesday night in inviting David Brock of Media Matters on to Hardball to discuss Glenn Beck’s “transition” in his relationship with Fox News.

Matthews thanked Brock, who referred to the change as a “victory for public discourse,” for his efforts to have Beck removed from Fox

Brock noted that Beck lost over 300 advertisers and one million viewers in the last year which added to the pressure on Fox to remove Beck.

Yet despite these losses Beck was still clobbering the competition, which includes Matthews, by a margin of 3 to 1 or better on most nights in total viewership as well as in the key A25-54 demo that advertisers watch.

For Brock, Beck was dangerous and his comments were more like the “ravings of almost a  mad man,” where for Matthews it was “insane talk” and while he said that O’Reilly and Hannity have a legitimate point of view, with Beck it was just crazy.

Matthews may see this as an opportunity to make some ratings gains, but even without Beck Fox viewers are likely to remain loyal and continue the network’s dominance over CNN and MSNBC at 5 p.m.


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