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chris matthews ora tv

In a long interview on Ora TV with Larry King, Chris Matthews admits that he and the other hosts on MSNBC are under “group pressure” to be more partisan:

I’m watching Fox [News]. Will Megyn Kelly be able to stay in the middle or will she move over? Will she have to move over? Look at Greta [Van Susteren]. Greta was more center left now she’s moved over. There’s a lot of group pressure in those places. In any place you work.

Oh, I feel it. I think it’s there. I think you know your audience. You know who you’re talking to. I always know who I’m talking to. But I always want to keep a chunk of Republicans as well as Democrats.

Based on his admission of partisanship, King asked Matthews if he wasn’t then just preaching to the choir:

Do I preach to the choir?  No I say what I feel like saying.

Based on the strong liberal-left credentials of the MSNBC hosts, I don’t think any group pressure exists or is really necessary at the network. No one had to pressure Matthews to become a left-wing media hack for Obama. He just did what came naturally to him.

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