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Chris Matthews, who spent most of last week accusing the Republican Party of racism, including a particularly bitter exchange with RNC chairman Reince Priebus, continued his attacks on Monday when he accused the Romney campaign of “encouraging white anger.”

Matthews appeared on Monday afternoon on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss his special one-hour profile on President Obama that was airing later that night, when he went off on yet another harangue accusing the Republicans and the Romney campaign of “encouraging white anger” with their use of welfare ads and support of voter ID laws that he says suppress minority voting.

This apparently was even a little too much for Andrea Mitchell to take, as she visibly squirmed and tried to distance herself from Matthews’ remarks by labeling them as “opinion.” Matthews shot back, “It‘s not opinions, it’s factual, it sadly is.”

What’s sad is watching Matthews try and defend the Democrats and the failures of the Obama administration by consistently bringing up the race card as a way of distracting voters and viewers from the real issues.

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