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Chris Matthews went on a mini-rampage on Tuesday night on MSNBC’s Hardball, as he vehemently defended the President by calling him the perfect father, husband and American who has never done anything wrong, and therefore doesn’t deserve the criticism that conservatives have heaped upon him.

This guy’s done everything right. He’s raised his family right, he’s fought his way all the way to the top of the Harvard Law Review, in a blind-test he becomes head of the Review, the editor there. Everything he’s done, he’s clean as a whistle. He’s never not only broken any law, he’s never done anything wrong. The perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American. And all they do is trash the guy. And it’s impossible for me to believe they would’ve said the same thing about a Walter Mondale, a Jimmy Carter or a Bill Clinton.

Perfect? It sounds like Matthews was getting another thrill up his leg.

Matthews was upset because conservatives had attacked the President after he told a crowd in Virginia on Monday that business owners weren’t responsible for building their business—someone  else made that happen—and questioned whether or not he understands how America works.

He interpreted the criticism as saying that Obama was un-American. He said that there was an “ethnic  piece to this criticism,” but that it was hard to discern because it was hidden under ideology, even though there was no mention of race.

But Matthews never mentioned what the President said that sparked the latest round of criticism by conservatives because he knew that if he did it would have destroyed his argument. And he couldn’t let facts get in the way of his one-sided attack on the Right, now could he?

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