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While most of the media discussed, in one way or another, that newly released emails revealed a direct connection between Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s controversial remarks on the attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, MSNBC’s Chris Matthew chose to avoid the subject on his program Tuesday.

Matthews has been critical of conservative and Republican attempts to get to the truth behind what really happened that fateful September day in 2012 when four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Instead, Matthews devoted his program Tuesday evening to other more pressing issues, like the effect that the remarks by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will have  on race relations, the failure of minimum wage legislation in the Senate, the Koch Brothers donations, and the rejection of a Voter ID law in Wisconsin.

While Matthews remained silent, fellow MSNBC anchor and frequent Hardball guest Alex Wagner did talk about the emails on her show earlier in the day.

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This is the same Alex Wagner who told Matthews, while on his show back in February, that “What we now are dealing with is a group of conservatives and a Republican Party with whom facts are fungible.” She was referring to an official Senate report and a now-discredited New York Times story as facts that back the White House version of the event.

Now, even Wagner is wondering what the White House was doing.

The mere existence of this email that wasn’t in the original binder full of emails is going to give fuel to this . . . The White House has not done a stellar job of managing this.

Even though Wagner tried to downplay the emails by attributing their release to the “right-wing” Judicial Watch, at least she didn’t ignore them like Matthews did.

No wonder MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank.

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