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During an interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after her rousing speech at the Republican National Convention, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was interrupted by Chris Matthews who pushed Mitchell to ask Rice whether or not her speech was a “rejoinder to all the birtherism and narrowness that she’s heard in their party?”

Rice answered by telling Mitchell that the theme of her speech was that America has done a lot of good in the world, that it shouldn’t pull back, and that it was well received by the audience.

Mitchell pressed Rice again. She told Mitchell that the “birther movement is an extreme,” adding that there are extremes on both sides of the political spectrum and that the great majority of the people at the convention in Tampa believe we are one America.

Matthews has been on a rampage this week in bringing racism charges against the Republican Party. Even though he said Rice’s speech was overwhelmingly positive, he just couldn’t leave the non-existent race issue alone.

Mitchell deserves a double demerit for playing along with Matthews’ outrageous question, not once, but twice. There was no reason for her to press Rice after her initial answer, and yet she did even though the question had nothing to do with what they had been discussing up to that point.

Thanks to Mitchell and Matthews, viewers are getting a lot more than usual of MSDNC than MSNBC.

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