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During a discussion of Mitt Romney’s campaign ads, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews said that Joe Biden’s highly publicized “chains” comments were code words for slavery:

We’re used to the word by Biden the other day, and he can get a little over the top, and his language was ‘chains.’  Now obviously it was a reference to slavery historically.

Liberals have been quick to defend Biden’s remarks, with The Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza brushing it off as the vice president embracing his Biden-ness, based on his penchant for gaffes.

The Obama campaign denied that that there were any racial undertones and accused the Romney campaign of ‘faux outrage” on the matter.

Matthews stopped short of criticizing Biden for his comments, but at least he admitted it was obvious that Biden was referring to slavery, which seems to be lost on the mainstream media.

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