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During a special edition of The Last Word, guest host Alex Wagner asked Chris Matthews to comment on Mitt Romney having seized upon the President’s remark that “voting is the best revenge.”

Matthews apparently wasn’t aware that Obama had made the remark and asked Wagner for the antecedent, so that he could make a comment.

After Wagner gave her take on what the President meant, Matthews ripped into Romney for stoking racial fears.

But [let’s] say, it might fit with running robo-calls with Donald Trump. You having [John] Sununu as your chief surrogate. There has been a bad side to the Romney campaign –- he can go out there and talk sweetly about bipartisanship, but behind the curtains when no one is looking, of course, he’s got, he’s Donald Trump’s best friend. He’s putting people like Sununu out there to talk the dirty talk –- the ethnic stuff. It’s relentless. They haven’t once pushed back from it.

It’s always been the undercoating of this campaign -– that ethnic talk. This talk about revenge is of a piece with that, scare people, say these people are out to get even with you.

Matthews acted as if Wagner hadn’t explained to him that Obama had made the “revenge” remark, and made it seem that Romney was on some campaign to stir up racial fears, when he was only reacting to what the President had said.

Wagner allowed this mistake to go uncorrected so that Matthews could play his oft used race card against Romney and the GOP. She added insult to injury by agreeing with Matthews, adding that in her opinion it was a shame that Romney is making this a part of his closing argument in the waning hours of the campaign.

The real shame is, facts be damned. MSNBC continues its Romney bashing right to the end.

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