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A reporter working for a Chinese government-linked news outlet attempted to spread propaganda at the White House coronavirus task force briefing but wound up being exposed by President Donald Trump instead.

“Only last week, there were multiple flights coming from China full of medical supplies,” the reporter asked Trump. “Companies like Huawei and Alibaba have been donating to the United States, like 1.5 million N95 masks and also a lot of medical gloves, and much more medical supplies.”

“Sounds like a statement more than a question,” Trump responded.

Trump went on to explain the increasing trade with China and how it would benefit the U.S., at which point she asked whether he was “cooperating with China.”

That led to Trump to question her affiliation.

“Who are you working for, China?” Trump asked.

“No, I’m working for Hong Kong.” the reporter said.

“Who are you with?” Trump asked.

“Hong Kong Phoenix TV,” she said.

“Who owns that? China?” Trump asked.

Trump pressed the reporter further asking if it was state-owned  to which the reporter replied that it was a “privately owned company.”

The Hoover Institution, in a report on the Chinese-language media landscape, said that Phoenix TV is a “quasi-official” global TV network with links People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of State Security.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted several times about Phoenix TV and how he has been fighting against it.

China is looking for some good publicity after a recent intelligence report revealed that the communist government has not accurately reported the country’s infections and deaths from the coronavirus culminating in yesterday’s report that there were no deaths from the virus in China.

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