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cbs sharyl atkisson on obamacare

CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration knew three years ago that millions of Americans would lose their employer-provided health insurance once Obamacare took effect:

We’ve learned that the government estimated all along that millions of workers will be dropped from their employee insurance under the Affordable Care Act and, for some, it’s already happening.

One business that has been affected is that of new Hampshire businesswoman Nancy Clark, who was featured in a 2012 White House video blog extolling the virtues of Obamacare, even going so far as to call it NancyCare.

However, Clark’s enthusiasm has dimmed for Obamacare after receiving a 39 percent premium rate increase, boosting her health care costs by $30,000.

That forced Clark to cancel her company’s policy and tell her employees to find a policy on the insurance exchange, which only four of her eight employees have been able to do, thanks to problems with the federal government website.

Betsy Atkinson, a Virginia Beach businesswoman told Attkisson that she had to cancel her company’s insurance plan because it didn’t meet the new Obamacare requirements, and she can’t afford a plan that does. Thus, she is forced to leave her employees to the mercy of the insurance exchange.

These cases contradict White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s repeated claims that nothing would change for those who receive their insurance through their employer, despite evidence reported by Attkisson that shows that the administration knew in 2010 that millions of people would lose their coverage.

Atkisson quoted a 2010 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services report that estimated that Obamacare “would collectively reduce the number of people with employer-sponsored health coverage by about 14 million.” She said the reason is that big companies will opt to save by paying the relatively small penalty.

Small companies like Clark’s and Atkinson’s are not required to provide health insurance for their employees, but have done so as a benefit and a perk. Now, thanks to Obamacare, they can no longer afford to do so.

Yet the administration has known about this for more than three years, and lied about it, just like Obama did about people being able to keep their plan if they liked their plan. Obama is determined to make his dream of socialized medicine a reality.

For millions of Americans, that reality stinks and is the real turkey this week.

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