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CBS’s Lesley Stahl: Trump “Has a Deep Animosity to the Press”

One day after her interview with President-elect Donald Trump on 60 Minutes, veteran CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl appeared on CBS This Morning and said that Trump doesn’t like the the media much, and blames them for whipping up the anti-Trump protesters.

“He has a deep animosity to the press, and he feels we are whipping it up.”

If Trump has any animosity towards the press, it would be justified based on Stahl’s interview alone, in which she tried without success to nail him with “gotcha” questions.

The relationship Trump has with the press, once he is inaugurated, will largely depend on who he selects to serve as his press secretary and whether the media decide that they will cover him honestly and fairly—as The New York Times has promised—or if they will continue their anti-Trump stance that failed miserably during the campaign.