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On Wednesday, reporters and anchors on CBS This Morning were in general agreement that yesterday’s decision by the White House to delay the implementation of the employer mandate until 2015 was a ”major setback” for the Administration and could inflict some political damage as well.

cbs on obamacare delayThe mandate was one of the most controversial provisions in the health care law, and there have been complaints from businesses that were concerned about the cost of implementation. Some had threatened layoffs to offset the added costs of compliance, which more than likely influenced the White House’s decision.

CBS chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford said that it was a “major concession of what is considered the President’s signature achievement,” and that it contradicts Obama’s claims that the law is “working the way it’s supposed to.”

That sentiment was echoed by CBS Political Director John Dickerson who said the delay was “not good” and that “It sort of contributes to the feeling that the Affordable Care Act is a jalopy they’re trying to roll out of the driveway here at barely operational for the president.”

CBS This Morning anchor Norah O’Donnell said that she had read the comments at the Treasury Department and the White House, and said that they acknowledged the concerns by businesses has been “vociferous and directed at the White House.”

The Administration wants the public to believe that they heard the complaints of businesses and that’s why they decided to delay the mandate implementation. But the truth is that businesses have been complaining since before the law was passed and were ignored by the Obama administration. Plus, the new implementation date of January 2015 is no accident. It now takes place after the 2014 election, in which Democrats are hoping against hope to regain control of Congress.

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