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CBS News a proud sponsor of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association has taken the next step by creating a news broadcast for the gay community.

Viewers of Logo TV a new network launched by MTV last year can see a three and a half minute news broadcast and a thirty second news brief that is specifically designed to focus on issue of interest to the gay community.

Recent stories on Logo include gay proms, anti-gay hate mail, a gay-themed children’s book, and the discharge of a lesbian Air Force nurse. Yet despite these very gay themed topics the producer and former NLGJA board member Court Passant told the Public Eye that he and his staff of five “take great pains to make sure we don’t appear to be pandering to the audience.” He adds: “We are not a mouthpiece for the gay community.”  

At the same time CBS News apparently has no plans to present an unbiased view either. “We get our notions of balance and objectivity from voices within our community,” says Passant. On an issue like gay adoption, he says, that means they don’t have to put a conservative on air to balance the issue, since almost all of those opposed to gay adoption are outside the gay community he told the Public Eye.  He should know based on his service on the NLGJA board. 

News anchor Jason Bellini also expressed his opinion on how he sees the broadcast when he told the Public Eye that “We don’t want to be the 700 Club of gay news,” and added “The audience wants us to be credible. There are plenty of other outlets out there doing advocacy coverage.”

Well I guess they deserve credit for being honest if not stupid.

Is this a sign of how desperate CBS News is that in order to find viewers they now produce news for a network that represents about 3% of the population? Is it the lure of the buying power of gay couples? Or maybe the bosses at CBS are using this a hedge in case Katie Couric doesn’t cut it at their new evening news anchor and will have her doing fluff pieces on the gay movement.

How low will they go?

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