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CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes took a swipe at Hillary Clinton to highlight the fact that the Democratic presidential nominee hasn’t held a press conference in 270 days, by saying, “she’s generally too busy ignoring reporters to insult them.”

Clinton has said that she will hold a press conference “at some point,” but has remained purposely vague so that she doesn’t really commit herself to something she knows she’s terrible at, and which could seriously damage her presidential hopes.

Cordes said that when Clinton took eight questions at a journalism forum earlier this month, she had to deal with two questions on her least favorite subject—her private email server—and she infamously told reporters that she “short-circuited” during her interview with Chris Wallace, which might explain her aversion to press conferences.

The real reason Clinton has an aversion to press conferences, though, is that it would pressure her to tell the truth—or at least try to tell the truth—about her private server, her handling of classified material and other related scandals. That’s something she just can’t do, since she has dug far too deep a hole with her lies over the last few years.

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