Accuracy in Media

What would we do without Al Gore poking at our conscience about the dangers of global warming and what we can do to avoid catastrophe?

The Associated Press reported that Gore told an audience at the Chautauqua Institution in New York that his conscience is regularly challenged by a consumerism that contributes to the global warming that he has made his mission to reverse. Well he needed something to do since his political career was kaput.

To make it more personal the AP quoted Gore when he said “It is so hard for those of us who want to live according to our values.” And exactly what are these values?

Gore saved the best for last when he revealed that he and his wife Tipper have adopted a “carbon neutral lifestyle.”

Since humans are carbon based life forms, does that mean he plans on killing himself? That would be pretty carbon neutral.

By the way how did Al get to New York anyway? Did he drive a hybrid car? After all if he is truly carbon neutral then he shouldn’t be flying. According to the London based Climate Care one of the highest carbon costs is flying an airplane. And how much in carbon did it cost to transport his film “An Inconvenient Truth” to movie theaters. I’ll bet the prints had to be moved by plane and truck and not a hybrid vehicle.

So we can than Al and Robert Kennedy and other lefties who preach about the dangers of global warming but are really hypocrites when it comes to applying the methods to their own lives. That’s the real inconvenient truth.

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