Accuracy in Media

I try and not to pay too much attention to Cindy Sheehan but her latest antics deserve some comment.

There have been many news reports about her land purchase in Crawford, TX so that she and her supporters can try and harangue the President when he is at his ranch. It really isn’t very effective, but if you are an unemployed hippie (is there any other type?) then it’s the perfect place to spend some time. Don’t you just love how she used someone else to buy the land for her since there was concern that if it was known the buyer was Cindy, using her dead son’s insurance proceeds that no one would have sold to her? The media doesn’t seem to care. In any event in her posting today she reflects on the reaction to the purchase in this manner;

Right-wing people who support the killing of innocent men, women, and children, are trying to stir up crap about my land purchase in Crawford, Texas to run Camp Casey. The worst thing that I have heard a Crawford resident say is that I am a “dumb Democrat.” The crap that NEEDS to be stirred up in Crawford is that George & Co. have the nerve to go on vacation when our soldiers can’t get home after serving in the vile mess that BushCo created. Instead of working for peace and stability in the region, our continued presence there is encouraging and causing the violence. Our troops need to be removed – not increased.

I think she is a little upset that she hasn’t been received with open arms. Cindy conveniently managed to leave out the fact that many residents in Crawford are concerned about the traffic and congestion that her activities bring to their formerly peaceful town.

To make sure she isn’t made totally irrelevant she recently commented about the Israel-Hezbollah battle by blaming Israel. She really doesn’t care who the terrorists attack and who started this war. In her eyes Hezbollah is the victim despite the fact that they have fired rockets on civilian targets killing Israelli citizens.  As long as the Bush administration backs Israel they not Hezbollah will be at fault.

Now that’s pretty crappy if you ask me. 

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