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Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s star seems to be fading. 

Last year at what she dubbed “Camp Casey” some 10,000 people showed up in tiny Crawford, Texas to demonstrate and counter-demonstrate jamming the town.  This summer, she set up shop at “Camp Casey III” using insurance money she received after her son Casey’s death to badger the President.  But unlike last year only about 100 people showed up.  Why the drop?  Organizers attributed the low numbers to the absence of the President and Sheehan who was recovering from surgery. That may be partly responsible for the whopping 99% drop in attendance, but it is far more likely that people are tiring of Cindy and her tactics.  Especially since she still hasn’t met with the President and never will.

Sheehan has been quoted as saying that if the President had just met with her that she would have gone away.  The reality is that she became bigger than the cause with all the press and publicity she gathered.  Does anyone actually think that had she met with the President that she would have ended her crusade?  Not when she was a media darling. 

I don’t expect Sheehan to give up, but if her support doesn’t pick up soon , even her buddies in the liberal media will abandon her.

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