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Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg defended his numerous appearances on Fox News on The View’s Election Day show today.

Buttigieg was aksed by Ana Navarro — who is a frequent anti-Trump commentator on CNN — about why he is so willing to appear on Fox News, considering that “we don’t see a lot of Democrats” on that network.

Navarro praised Buttigieg for the substance of what he has said on Fox, but still asked, “why do you keep going on there, and how do you stay so unflappable?”

Buttigieg responded, saying that while “the people controlling the content on that network, in my view, aren’t always being fair,” that he thought it was “his job” to present his views to the Fox News viewers even they don’t agree with him.

“I can’t blame somebody for not supporting my perspective if they have literally never heard it,” he explained. “It’s my job to get that view in front of viewers who are tuning in in good faith.”

He continued by saying that Trump has offended conservative values, progressive values that this has led to a moment where people are reconsidering their political stance giving us “a moment to build a different coalition.”

“I’m so excited about what can happen if we get some Republicans alongside independents, progressives and moderates in my own party, get us on the same page about some things. Because the big issues whether we’re talking about the climate or racial justice–certainly something like the pandemic. The pandemic doesn’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican. It isn’t going to check your party registration. It’s a threat to all of us. We have to build some common ground here.”

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