Accuracy in Media

I just returned from the Society of Professional Journalists Convention (SPJ) where I manned our exhibit table for a couple of days. The traffic was fairly light, but I made some good connections and wasn’t aware that I was getting any media attention. That was until I read the following post on the New Haven Independent. (scroll down)

Normally I wouldn’t comment on a mention on what invariably is a minor blog, but since the blogger, Paul Bass obviously didn’t do his homework I think I have an obligation to set the record straight.

Bass writes that AIM “sprung up in the ’80s to bully mainstream media into letting right-wingers define the parameters of debate, hog the “expert” talking-head and talk-show slots, and drive open-minded independent journalists out of their positions if they exposed the “wrong” stories (like massacres in El Salvador)”. If Bass had actually done any research he would have discovered that AIM started in 1969and back then there weren’t a lot of “expert” talking-head and talk shows around. Perhaps he has AIM confused with FAIR which started in 1986 as the anti-AIM, just without the facts. Bass does cite a FAIR article on Fox News as evidence that we have won so he isn’t exactly citing an impartial source.

I want to thank Bass for giving my office a good chuckle and for proving once again that the liberals don’t know what they are talking about. My father would have loved this.

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