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In a segment Wednesday on Morning Joe former NBC Nightly News Anchor called Barack Obama’s recent resurgence “Lazarus -like”.

But Brokaw wasn’t the only one expressing awe and wonderment at Obama’s recent comeback from the politically dead as New York Times columnist Charles Blow and host Joe Scarborough opined that the November elections will be nothing more than a distant memory after the president’s recent legislative victories.

The problem with all of this effusive praise is that it is based on the assumption that Obama defeated the GOP on all fronts in the just completed lame-duck session of Congress. And yet the tax compromise was just that a compromise.  Obama had made it clear that he wasn’t interested in anything that actually extended the Bush tax cuts which he felt would benefit the rich and he received exactly the opposite.  As for the other legislation, once Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was decoupled from the defense authorization bill it’s repeal was all but assured with the Democrats still firmly in control of the Senate and the expected defection of several moderate Republicans.  Plus there are far too many politicians who would prefer to do the politically correct thing and not necessarily the morally correct thing so they don’t face the wrath of the powerful gay lobby.

Other bills like the one on food safety which is yet another overreach by the government into our lives and the START treaty were far easier to pass because of a general lack of interest and understanding on the part of the public and not due to any great effort by Obama.

And yet while Obama is basking in the glow of the liberal media’s revival of his political future the fact remains that he also failed to get a pork filled omnibus spending bill passed which he endorsed and his prized DREAM Act which died an ignominious death.

Once again the media has carefully filtered the message about Obama and on the heels of a stunning defeat at the polls in November have decided that compromise is a victory and that losing some key battles is worth ignoring if it paints the president in a positive light and gives both the Democrats and the media some hope that November was an aberration and not a trend.

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