Accuracy in Media

In yet another example of political correctness run amok The Sun reported recently that British airline BMI has banned their crews from taking copies of the Bible with them to Saudi Arabia so as not to offend Muslims.  Instead they are to take a copy of the Koran.

According to the paper one BMI source said that the “Foreign Office advice is that non-Islamic religious material is not permitted in Saudi.” Though another source said the embassy had confirmed that the Saudis never enforce the rule. 

One middle-aged stewardess (not flight attendant) is planning on suing the airline for religious discrimination and as a result she will be excluded from flights to Saudi Arabia until her case is heard.  The stewardess is reported to be very religious and takes her bible everywhere.

It really isn’t clear why BMI took this stand when the story only refers to one stewardess in particular that desired to carry a bible.  It seems unlikely that large numbers of airline employees were carrying the Bible with them to begin with.

This policy may not hold up though.  Earlier in the year British Airways was forced to back down after they banned employees from wearing crosses which I am sure outnumber bibles on flights.

There’s nothing like creating a problem where none existed before.

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