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MSNBC anchor Brian Williams lashed out at his own network this week when he blamed “The Apprentice” for giving President Donald Trump a platform to launch his presidential run.

“It has been said, around here before, that viewers of ‘The Apprentice’ got a preview of the dynamics surrounding what later became the Trump base. ‘The Apprentice,’ hosted by Donald Trump, aired for 14 seasons out of this very building,” Williams said on his show Tuesday evening.

“‘The Apprentice’ deepened Trump’s understanding of the medium and its power,” Williams said. “It turns out 14 seasons of a television show might have been the pilot for the Trump presidency.”

Williams also explained how the show often highlighted his children and made him look more successful than he really was.

“It’s also where he was able to introduce his children to a national audience. We watched as he pushed the brand, the name Trump on everything from buildings to planes to helicopters, even if they were more apt to be leased than owned. His own physical profile became part of the brand,” Williams said. “Starting with the opening sequence of the show, his body as logo and then think about how he used that image when he was introduced at the 2016 Republican convention.”

Williams added the Trump presidency might have been prevented if the mainstream media had bothered to watch the show.

“The so-called coastal elites, including – let’s be honest – much of the mainstream media, people who are perhaps still coming to grips with Trump’s attraction, might have seen it early if they watched the show.”

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