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Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, appearing on the Today show on Wednesday, said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in a “very tough position” as she deals with a federal investigation of her private email server and the surprising surge of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the polls.

“Now you have her email server in the hands of a federal investigator,” NBC’s Savannah Guthrie said. “If nothing else, this means this is going to keep following her right into the fall campaign.”

“Politics can be fun and exciting and it can be important. This is really important,” Halperin said. “It’s August of 2015, but between the poll with Bernie Sanders and this email development, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in a very tough position. They could find more secret information. They could get the server and recover her personal emails that they deleted. What if they do that and find either more secret information, or what if they find government information that she didn’t hand over? This is peril for her. She’s now sworn under oath she handed over everything she was supposed to hand over.”

“So potentially a political problem, potentially a legal problem,” Guthrie said.

“Even if it doesn’t go legal, just the political problem will linger a long time,” Halperin said.

It appears that the lingering controversy surrounding Clinton’s emails and server, along with the increased attacks from Republicans, are finally taking their toll in the polls. A new PPP poll in Iowa shows Clinton trailing four of her prospective GOP rivals—the first time she has trailed any Republican in Iowa—and a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll now has Bernie Sanders leading Clinton by a margin of 44 to 37 percent after trailing her by almost 60 points just a couple of months ago.

What Clinton thought was going to be a coronation has turned out to be anything but, and has cast serious doubt among Democrats as to whether or not she should be their standard bearer in 2016.

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