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Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, who is in Des Moines covering the Iowa State Fair, said that many Democrats gasped when Hillary Clinton tried to laugh off her email scandal with a Snapchat joke. He said that despite the fact that Clinton has said regular voters don’t talk to her about it, he has heard from fair-goers and elite Democrats who are concerned that this could derail her candidacy.

Halperin was responding to a question from Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough about what the response was to the scandal at the fair:

…When she told that [Snapchat] joke, there were people around me who gasped because it’s not a joking matter for a lot of people. She said, here at the fair, which she had a press availability, real voters don’t talk to her about this thing, they never bring it up to her.

…I will tell you, here in Iowa, talking to people at the fair, talking to elite Democrats, they bring her e-mails up to me, an extraordinary high degree and frequency of people saying, What’s the deal?

It’s why Joe Biden, I think, why, maybe Al Gore and others saying, Do we have a problem here? Are we headed towards nominating someone by consensus who has this big problem?

I have never in my career dealt with a presidential campaign who’s as unresponsive to basic questions. Governor Rendell said, ‘Turn over the server.’ That’s not the only issue. There’s lots of facts that they won’t respond to on a daily basis. You can ask them every day, What are the answers to these questions?

Clinton has tried to blame her email scandal woes on a political witch-hunt by Republicans, despite the fact that it’s the Obama administration Justice Department and the FBI that are investigating her, and that many Democrats are frustrated enough to consider an alternative to her, even at this late date.

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