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Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect co-hosts John Heilemann and Mark Halperin mocked Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday for announcing their “ham-handed” plan to show Hillary as caring, humorous and spontaneous—qualities that she has clearly been lacking and something that Halperin and Heilemann, among others, in the media aren’t sure she can pull off:

Heilemann: … This approach is so ham-handed that even David Axelrod tweeted that it reads like something out of The Onion and threw in a hashtag that would make my boy Shia LaBeouf jealous: Just Do It!

Mark, how could the Clinton campaign possibly be going about this page turning activity in this fashion?

Halperin: It’s inexplicable because she’s got a big problem with voters, but her problem with elites in the press and the Democratic Party is a lot worse. You do not tell people what your strategy is, you simply do your strategy. They’re now promising all these things about joy and spontaneity, she should just go out and be a better candidate. This talking about it, if she’s not the nominee, this day will go down in history as one of the stupidest things they’ve done.

Heilemann noted that this reminds him of her 2007 presidential campaign when she was made fun of for trying to appear to be more likable:

You are likable or you are not likable. If you announce you are trying to be likable, you come across like a phony, and that’s what she seems like to a lot of people anyway.

That’s Hillary’s problem–she’s not very likable and nothing short of a personality transplant is going to change that. This is a reboot that’s destined to fail.


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