Accuracy in Media

Jonathan Tasini, the blogger who is suing the Huffington Post for not paying contributors to the site, follows the same model when it comes to his own site.

According to Gawker, Tasini launched his Working Life blog in 2004 and encouraged readers to contribute with the possibility of being paid.

Tasini’s blog, Working Life, was launched in 2004 as a “community of people who want to discuss, share ideas and exchange information and stories about work, the economy and labor,” where “vigorous opinions are encouraged.” Accordingly, Tasini frequently publishes his readers’ comments, which he regards as the heart and soul of Working Life: “This blog was started precisely so that people could have a place to debate and bring news of their own.” Sound familiar?

Tasini bristled at the comparison between his site and HuffPo, mainly due to the audience size differential, but the point is still the same.  How can he complain much less sue HuffPo for not paying bloggers when he doesn’t as well?

There are some other interesting facts that Gawker found about Tasini’s past operations, and even though I am no fan of the Huffington Post this is clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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