Accuracy in Media

Just when I thought that our society was being overrun by the PC police, comes a story from our friends from across the pond reminding me things could be worse.

Some examples of how political correctness has affected some in Britain.

Bureaucrats wanted to ban the word “marriage” in register offices in case it offended gay people. This despite that gays are fighting for what they even refer to as”gay marriage”.

If you want a cup of black coffee please ask for coffee “without”. In Melton, one primary school was taught Baa Baa Blue Sheep. Surely you remember that classic work.

When going grocery shopping heaven help you if you ask for black grapes even though that may be the proper color, but refer to them as “flame”. I am still trying to figure out how the color of a flame substitutes for black.

Yet all these are but a small speck on the map of the PC police.

In London, the police must investigate all complaints of alleged homophobic or racist comments broadcast on radio or television. These complaints tie use large amounts of police manpower and money and most statements are found to be protected by free speech. Just because it’s politically incorrect doesn’t mean it’s a crime.

Why do the police bother investigating these mostly frivolous claims? It’s due to a Victorian era law called the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act or the Public Order Act. But this law was meant for those that were conspiring to commit a crime or cause physical harm. Since political correctness didn’t exist in 1861 trying to apply this law to those exercising their right of free speech is ridiculous.

What’s next? Banning the use of “Big Ben” because it discriminates against small clocks?

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